James Mattis is apparently not a favorite of Donald trump. There is talk of moving him somewhere from his post heading the Pentagon. He is one of the few Trump cabinet members who had bipartisan support. I shall share on this page one indication of the esteem in which he is held. But first I need to continue what I started with this morning.

Words and deeds

I began with Trump's speech compared to his deeds and concluded we best know him by the effects of his actions. Here, courtesy of Gavin Newsom, are two documentations of Trump deeds. These End Game posts can easily be accessed by going to my Blasting News profile where they are neatly listed.

All of them argue for the end of the Trump regime.

The Trump war on health care

Trump is not merely battling still to repeal Obamacare. He has also taken to hiding the chance of healthcare from the public. This is the craven face of Trump deeds. Stripped of words, they stand as mute testimony to the odiousness of his governance. This piece from Talking Points Memo shows how Trump keeps Latino's from knowing about health care options that they still have.

Another assault on Latinos

And now our new president, James Mattis

Under some very odd events, Mattis could succeed to the presidency and perhaps that is one reason there are rumblings of Trump discontent and possible moving of Mattis to some equivalent of Siberia.

The author of this tweet and a small group of intelligent folk on Twitter speak reverentially of this person.

Here are a few tweets to substantiate this:

And one more.

These tweets are all indicative of deep concern about Russia, not merely as a manipulator and idol of Trump, but as a malevolent force on the world stage.

The problem these days is that the three major powers of the world - the US, China, and Russia in that order - are all raising their middle finger to the prospect of democracy.

They are delaying history to cling to power and status quo. They will fail. But we all will pay.