kidnap is one of several abduction films that Halle Berry has starred in the past few years. In this film she plays a single Mother, fighting for custody of her young son. While she works as a waitress the child's father is a Real Estate Broker, with a wife who is a pediatrician.

The Good

Halle Berry is the only Saving Grace of this film and to it's chagrin she keeps us intrigued enough to sit through this terribly edited film. It starts with her character (Karla) cracking wise at diner patrons while attempting to end her shift so she can take her son (Frankie) for a day at the park fair.

In the car ride to the park, we get a glimpse into her state of mind. Frankie asks if his father will be there, and she responds by saying he will see his father, and his new step mother, next weekend. Her voice cracks and fades out as she consoles her son by saying that his father, his new wife, and herself love him very much. The camera cuts in as tears well up in her eyes. Providing hefty emotional context.

What follows is a game of "Marco Polo" setting the pace for the forthcoming abduction. As Karla steps off to recieve a call about her ex-husband filing for full custody, she frequently calls back "Marco" to make sure Frankie is still there. Her phone dies as she tells her attorney she has no hope, being of such low employment status, to keep her son.

The Bad

Immediately realizing her son is gone she struggles to get others to assist her as she catches a glimpse of her son being dragged into the abductors car. What follows is a lot of sloppily cut together chase scenes, uncomfortably lengthy long shots of highways and bridges, and more hastily cut together car accidents. Editing is this films worst enemy.

(And mine)

The director tries his hardest to try and keep us engrossed in the drama and tension of this woman clamoring for attention from local authorities, while fighting, and chasing the abductors. But the seizure inducing edits make it hard for the audience to stay actively engaged.

The Conclusion

The final scene has Karla seemingly disposed of, as one of the assailants chases her around an empty back road with a shotgun, after a dramatic head on collision.

She gains the upper hand using her cars doors and breaks to out maneuver him. Getting his ID and shotgun she finds his address is nearby using her cars GPS system. (Which is a cute little gimmick movie goers will appreciate)

The final fight scene is an exciting and tense one. Now that cars are out of the picture the editing slows down and allows for the audience to get pulled into the action. Several twists help push the action along. The creaking of floor boards and banging of various doors provide a decent amount of ambience to the set piece.

Overall Kidnap, could very much be a pass on anyone's watch list. But if you love some single momma out to take on the bad guys action (much like myself) you will get what you pay for. I give Kidnap 5, failed child abductions out of 10.