Politico is reporting that the democrats are prepping for a Trumpless 2020 presidential Election, the theory being that President Trump is either going to be impeached or will be motivated not to Run due to his unpopularity. Even though this constitutes magical thinking for a party that still does not understand why it lost in 2016 and may well be headed for a bloodbath in 2018 if the analysis by the Daily Caller is correct, the Democrats are proceeding with opposition research on possible GOP candidates.

The targets that the Democrats are spending their meager funds on include Vice President Pence, Gov.

John Kasich, and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. One supposes that the Democrats intend to fight ugly just in case the “Better Deal” fails to gain traction. It is amusing to examine the scenario the Democrats have erected in their collective dream palace.

Trump declines to run for reelection

Donald Trump getting bored, deciding that his task of making America great against is done and deciding not to run again to start up a media company is the most plausible of the scenarios. Some talk had occurred of Trump stating his own cable news network to rival Fox had happened had he not won the presidency. Now, he could team up with Steve Bannon, back at Breitbart, and become the king of all media.

Trump is impeached

The least plausible scenario is the one in which Trump is impeached. The Democrats might try it out of spite if they take control of the House next year. However, no chance exists under any circumstances of the Senate mustering a two-thirds vote to remove him from office. Such a gambit would likely backfire, just as the impeachment of Bill Clinton did in the 1990s, leaving Trump a popular president and the Democrats more in ruins than they already are.

What the Democrats should do

It has been said before but bears repeating that the Democrats should figure out what they are for before they can hope to start winning elections again. The cult of personality only worked with Barack Obama and did not translate to Hillary Clinton. Of the possibilities for 2020, only Kamala Harris, the junior senator from California, is not an old person.

The problem is that the party of Jefferson, FDR, and JFK has become one of Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Thus the Dems are likely to run on a platform of government health care, tax hikes, and appeasement of terrorists. Obama was sufficiently skilled as to be vague about his agenda. That strategy won’t cut it for the base anymore. They want their red meat, and they want it bloody.