Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Missouri state senator, has become a unifying figure in a kind of backhanded way. Shortly after Charlottesville, Chappelle-Nidal posted on her Facebook page about how much she hated Donald Trump. The post elicited a great many negative comments. To one of the comments, she responded, “I hope Trump is assassinated!” The fallout to the ill-considered reply has not been favorable to State Sen. Chappelle-Nidal.

Calls for resignation

The Missouri political establishment has risen on a bi-partisan basis to demand that Chappelle-Nadal resign.

Both the Republican governor and the chairman of the state Democratic Party have offered this helpful advice. Senate Minority Leader Gina Walsh condemned the statement and suggested that Chappelle-Nidal ought to be ashamed of herself. For her part, the state senator remains defiant. She will not resign. However, she has committed a federal crime and is under investigation by the Secret Service.

Trump hatred is getting out of hand

Chappelle-Nadal's rant was not as creative as the ISIS-style beheading image that Kathy Griffin published with her holding what looked like the severed head of Donald Trump. Still, anyone who thinks that the heartache they feel about Trump’s election is going to go away if someone takes him out should think again.

Heartache would be just the beginning. Take it from someone who lived through the Kennedy Assassination.

There is nothing like being gunned down to turn a controversial politician into a revered martyr. John F. Kennedy had his detractors before Dallas. After Dallas, no one would criticize him for almost a generation. His murdered caused trauma to the nation from which it never recovered.

As a result, Lyndon Johnson, his successor, was able to pass much of Kennedy’s agenda, including civil rights legislation, an across the board tax cut, and putting a man on the moon.

It would be the same for Trump, though perhaps worse because his supporters are pretty sure that the Washington establishment has it in for him.

Conspiracy nuts would have a field day. Anyone who ever even had a cross word to say about Trump would be forever marginalized.

Pence, who would follow Trump as president, would pass his agenda in short order. Obamacare would be history. The Wall would become a memorial to the fallen president. Tax reform and infrastructure would be slam dunks. As a bonus, there would not be a Democratic president or a Democratic controlled Congress for decades.

So, if the gentle reader hates Trump, he or she would be advised to pray for his safety on a daily basis. The alternative would be too horrible to contemplate.