Happy Thursday Tauruses! Your birthday between April 20th and May 20th makes you incredibly demanding in relationships. However, you are more than willing to repay your partner with unparalleled loyalty. Today’s daily Taurus for Lovescope looks at taking the initiative in love.

What to expect:

Singles: You enjoy a challenge and stimulation of the mind Taurus. Common goals are usually a turn-on. Is it any wonder then you meet someone with potential when at a political rally or volunteering at an after-school program? Helping others satisfies your soul and finds new room in your heart to be filled.

Your plans are becoming firm, and you're excited about where you're headed. Maybe this trip will change your life. Who knows what you'll wind up doing or whom you'll meet. The stars forecast the possibility of being involved in a very passionate relationship, allowing you to reveal hidden instincts. A positive Astral position abounds which will lead to exciting, erotic moments.

Couples: Your love life today gets rather noisy with people's voices being raised at least several decibels higher than average. This isn't so much due to arguments as to lots of spare energy brought about by planetary alignments. There’ll be lots of shouting, but it is more in the spirit of a really good game and a sense of competition, rather than being angry with each other.

A little relationship enlightenment can be found in the most unlikely places and from the most unlikely sources. Ask anyone and everyone an open-ended question about love. Are you two grounded like earthworms? Have you wiggled and wriggled your cute little bodies into some pretty comfy wormholes, and are you aerating the garden while you're at it?

You bet!

How to get through your day

For those of you looking for love: A little optimism Taurus will carry you far. For those born in the second decade, taking the initiative in love may actually gain you respect from the object of your desire. He/she wants to be wooed, so it’s up to you to do the chasing--if this person is worth it to you anyway.

Has a Gemini caught your attention? Ask someone who knows him or her well for some advice: often you can't judge a book by its cover. This shouldn't be your case, but it's better to be sure!

For those of you in a relationship: The humdrum of life and everyday routine can be a killer to nearly every relationship. Romance, therefore, may not be at its best today and you will need to make some effort to improve it. You and your partner should take time out today to spend time with one another and rekindle feelings that have been long buried under monotony. Your relationship feels rejuvenated after you focus on each other’s needs.

Thanks for checking out your daily Lovescope for Taurus. May the weekend be a blast for you and don’t forget to share your reading with family and friends.