Hi, Geminis! Wednesday is here and your quick wit is sure to entertain lots of people. Your sign runs from May 21 and June 21 and your daily Lovescope for Gemini speaks about taking care of yourself.

What to expect

Singles: You are so good at compromising that you have made it into an art form. However, even today's choice between two very different courses of action needs to be regarded with a little more than indifference to your own needs. If you have a rising sign in Virgo, you will be able to give good advice to those who need it. Try to use this skill also towards yourself.

Watch out, or you could find yourself running in verbal circles. The stars give you an overly conscientious sense of fairness. This, combined with your verbosity, could leave both you and a future romance very confused. Everyone's chattering so much today you can hardly hear yourself think. If only you had someone to talk non-stop to in the corner of the room while everyone else looked on enviously.

Couples: Your mind is buzzing around with all sorts of things at the moment and uh oh...is that your sweetie trying to get your attention through all the mental chaos? Why not focus some sweet loving energy on them--no one likes to be neglected and today, your partner might just be in a stormy mood.

It’s time to show them that you’re the silver lining to their fluffy cloud.

It is essential that you think seriously about the way forward for you, not for your partner. You need to make choices that validate your most heartfelt concerns and put all this tension to rest once and for all! Your genuine nature makes you put your own needs on the back burner sometimes and this will just leave you mentally drained.

For those of you of the third decade, it is difficult to put up with your partner and anybody else's mood swings. A slight tiff tonight could irritate you, but things will calm down after the storm.

Arm yourself with patience, especially in love.

How to get through your day

For those in a relationship: Be very careful today if you have found yourself in a delicate situation with a married person or if you are involved with more than one person.

Think through your actions very, very carefully and make sound choices. The grass is not always greener on the other side, so be very realistic in your decisions today. Remember that little thing called karma? When it’s ready for you, you’ll be able to run but you can’t hide!

That’s it for today’s daily Lovescope for Gemini. Don’t forget to share and check back tomorrow to see what the stars have in store.