Alexa Peters took to the pages of the Washington Post recently and wondered if men she was dating are truly “woke” or are they lying in order to get her into bed. That the question is even asked demonstrates a certain naiveté that causes people who are older, wiser, and more experienced to roll their eyes at millennials.

What is being ‘woke?’

People who think being ‘woke’ is a good thing define it as being Socially Conscious, to know that society is inherently racist, sexist, and homophobic. Being “woke” in reality is to be a self-righteous jerk who lectures others on their alleged lack of sensitivity about social justice issues.

They are unattractive people both on social media and in person.

Do men tell lies in order to get laid?

Ms. Peters should realize that if a guy meets her for drinks wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and talks incessantly how disappointed he is that Bernie Sanders is not the president of the United States, he is likely putting on an act to get her between the sheets.

Young, insecure men (and it seems that a lot of millennials are like that) will try to present themselves in the way most likely to impress a woman they are seeking to score with. Urban female 20-somethings are, more likely than not, radical feminists, at least in the perception of these male snowflakes. However, the urge to mate does not cause them to run away from these sorts of women, but rather to be dishonest to get closer to them.

Some dating advice for guys

The one thing I could advise a young man looking to meet women is not to try to impress them about how “woke” you are. In fact, meet her for drinks wearing a MAGA hat and a Confederate flag t-shirt. You might get a drink thrown into your face nine out of ten times, but the tenth woman who is impressed by your self-confidence and will talk to you will be a keeper.

Some dating advice for the ladies

Do not date “woke” men or those who Pretend to be. Get outside your comfort zone insofar as political beliefs may be. You may find that a Trump supporter is more fun to be with than someone who is too anxious about being called out for being insufficiently “woke.” Indeed, if someone else calls him out and he answers back, he is a keeper.

You get bonus points if he holds the door open for you, pulls out your chair, and rises when you leave the table to go to the bathroom. Many feminists will glare at a man who does that. A smile of appreciation would work wonders to make a lasting relationship.