Wednesday is here Gemini! Your birth between May 21st and June 21st gives you a dual personality. One minute you’re witty and expressive, while the next, you can be serious and withdrawn. These changing moods make it difficult for people to get to know you truly. Your daily Lovescope for Gemini speaks about focusing more on special relationships.

What to expect

Singles: You usually want what you cannot have but today, what if you can? You and someone special are having a great time together so why not enjoy it for what it is--a great time! Trying to force it to become more, might spell the end of this friendship so, rush now and regret it later.

There’s no reason to jump headfirst into a situation that may not last so take care Gemini and go slow--real slow.

You’ve been mulling over new projects Gemini, but unstable situations threaten to derail your plans. Today, however, you get an encouraging push from the stars in the right direction. Instability will be eliminated so you can concentrate on a new existential dimension.

Couples: It may have been all about you Gemini when you were single, but now that you’re coupled up, you cannot be selfish. Today, it’s all about communication when it comes to your relationship. However, before you start going on and on in one of your monologues, take note: this means talking, asking questions and listening, too.

You are required to be considerate of your partner’s feelings so sit back and do so, attentively. Both of you may get involved today in a community exercise so whether you're planting a garden or building a kids' swimming pool, it'll be much appreciated.

You'll be tempted to have an affair if your ascendant is Aries, or, you will probably be involved in a sudden attraction to someone different from your partner.

Don’t be hasty and steer clear of breaking your loved one’s heart. If you are of the second decade, expect pleasures when having your dessert!

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Your love life may not be everything you want it to be but don’t despair. Maybe you should take things into your own hands and head out there looking actively for your guy/girl.

What about your acquaintances? Perhaps one of them could introduce you to someone exciting. Take a chance.

For those of you already in a relationship: You need to save yourself from a huge emotional weight you’ve been carrying around and today, you have that chance. Expressing your true feelings to your partner will infuse a new spirit into your relationship. It will not only relieve you but would also pave the way for romantic expressions of love to be exchanged. Your relationship will really benefit from open and honest communication today.

That’s all for Wednesday’s daily Lovescope for Gemini. We hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and that it will prove beneficial to you. Do come back tomorrow for more insight from the stars.