Hello, dear Aquarius. Saturday has emerged like a superhero to add some sparkle to your weekend. Your birth between January 20th to February 18th makes you a fast learner who constantly requires intellectual stimulation. Today’s daily Lovescope for Aquarius tells you to keep digging to find out your partner’s true intentions.

What to expect:

Singles: Today you will find that a social outing that you go on takes a romantic turn when you meet a special someone at the venue you are attending. It could be at a coffee shop or on the dance floor, but either way, you get noticed.

Agree to go on a date with this new person; the relationship could lead you into some very interesting and exciting situations! This person will take the lead in building a new relationship with you.

Couples: A bit of disappointment comes your way today when you realize you’re being shortchanged in this relationship. You thought things were fine Aquarius, since you’ve done everything possible to ensure your partner has everything they need and is happy. It seems though that he/she had ulterior motives to just take, take, and take some more. The bad part is that you couldn’t see it for yourself and had to be told by an outsider. Hey, there's no need to feel ashamed. You’re not the gold digger here my friend.

Speak to them about what’s been going on and let your heart tell your head to show them the door. If you don’t, you might keep letting them walk all over you.

When faced with a difficult situation today, love will have to shine through. Your feelings are profound, but so is your strength of character. Today you feel full of life and are making all sorts of promises to your loved one.

Make sure you’re not acting on a whim Aquarius. If your beloved gets all fancied up and ready to go, only to realize you were showing off, you’ll be spending the night in the doghouse!

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: You're forward thinking and ultra-modern, so isn't it ironic that you find yourself longing for good, old-fashioned romance?

Not at all! Certain things never go out of style. Love will find you very soon.

For those of you already in a relationship: Being impulsive can be very exciting but sometimes, just downright dangerous. If your new scheme risks damaging your relationship, you may want to hold back on that idea. You can do a lot to improve your romantic life, but it needs to be based on reality, and not on idle promises. Your partner is likely to be furious with your latest idea, so if you’re good with that, by all means, be reckless. If you want to hang onto them though, then just sit back down Aquarius!

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