Hey, Virgo! Confidence is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is ready with the stars’ forecast for Wednesday’s daily horoscope for Virgo so let’s see what’s up ahead:

What to expect

The door of love is thrown open to you today Virgo and you’re considering the possibility of it being more than your average romance. In the past, you’ve pursued people, but they never could really see eye to eye with you. As a result of all the disappointment, you started thinking that you were just one of a kind...well, you are actually Virgo!

Today, you’re pleasantly surprised when someone who you consider very sweet, asks you out. You’re quite cautious and never give your heart fully to someone you don’t know that well, but the stars are urging you to take a leap of faith today. You never know where you may end up. It’s important to lay the groundwork first and make sure there’s mutual respect and understanding. Find out about their goals and how they plan to achieve them. How do they feel about family and pets? Can they cook? The more you delve, you more you love what you find Virgo.

Tonight, your body and mind need a workout. Try out your new chess skills that you picked up on your last business trip or put on that Pilates DVD your friend gave you for Christmas.

While you’re at it, you might want to throw out the extra candies you hid in your bedroom drawer and the soft drinks on the second shelf in the pantry. It’s time to give your body a healthy makeover Virgo. No one can make these changes for you Virgo and you’ll certainly be glad that you did. You feel a sense of peace with yourself right now and starting from tomorrow, you’re determined to carry that good vibe with you wherever you go, no matter the circumstances.

How to get through your day

You have been neglecting your relatives lately and they’re fed up of calling you. It’s not that you’ve forgotten them, it’s just that you’ve been positively swamped with all that’s been going on. The stars signal a great day for re-connection so today, go house to house, making time for the few who you know really have your back.

Red is your lucky color so take some red flowers for your cousin. Show your aunt how to use instant messaging to make getting in touch a lot easier. Let grandma learn about Skype so she can guide you through that lasagna recipe you never get quite right. Family comes first Virgo. If you can’t count on them, who can you really trust?

It was a true pleasure sharing today’s daily horoscope for Virgo with you and we hope that you’ll check in again tomorrow! Please share your reading with all of your friends on social media and have an amazing Thursday.