Welcome to Thursday’s daily horoscope for Libra! You should never be discouraged from your dreams just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass quickly and you don’t want to regret not acting sooner. Astrologer Megan Wilson has consulted the stars to see what’s up ahead for you so let’s check out your reading for Libra.

What to expect

Love is like the lottery, if you don’t take a chance, you can’t hope to win. Your life Libra is signified by ups and downs, traumatic times and exhilarating ones. Somehow, you always manage to bounce back from defeat and you always learn from your mistakes.

Today, someone seeks you out for a project of some sort and you’re flattered. They want to find out how you do it, how do you remain so strong in the face of adversity. You’re tempted to give a long, philosophical reply but you could only answer ‘luck’.

Your networking circle increases as you take up every invitation today Libra. You really want to sample the delicious h’orderves and mixed drinks but hey, if you can gain a few business contacts in the process, then, so much the better. Wear green today to help you relax and to attract good vibrations. You’ll find many people approaching you for your number Libra and you’ve given in...to all the attractive ones that is!

Still up to your tricks, I see.

You’ve been playing the dating game a little heavily lately and to be quite frank, just recklessly toying with people’s emotions. There is such a thing as karma Libra, and when it’s ready for you, you’ll be sorry. The planets are moving, slowly but surely, to ensure that the next few days bring clarity into your life. Just listen to your heart, reflect and make improvements where possible.

You’re a child at heart Libra so when the boss brings his/her kids to work, you’re more than eager to entertain them. Building puzzles and Legos, playing Chutes and Ladders, making model houses — you’re keeping them busy and of course, trying to suck up to the boss, just a little. Later on, a chance encounter takes your breath away.

Could this finally be the one? Remember what the stars said about karma returning to bite you when you least expected? Well, why don’t you cast all logic aside and humor them? I dare you!

How to get through your day

Put on some relaxing music to take your mind off a few things like money matters Libra. You could sing along to the Best of the Eagles or, Michael Bolton if you happen to be in that kind of mood. Resolve to buckle down and get your expenditure under control. Yes you’ve been taking advantage of your recent good luck but luck, like other good things, does run out eventually.

That’s a wrap for today’s daily horoscope for Libra. It has been a pleasure providing you with insight that could guide you towards a happier and more informed you. We hope that the rest of your Thursday is enjoyable and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.