Thursday moves in quickly Cancer, with a reminder to stop apologizing for having high standards. Those worthy of you will rise up to meet them. The stars have had their say in what’s to come for your day, so let’s take a look at your daily horoscope for Cancer, compiled by Astrologer Megan Wilson:

What to expect

People fear what they do not understand. The unknown has always held a certain attraction for you Cancer, but you’ve been a bit too timid to go exploring. The stars advise you today to break out of your shell and try something new. How will you know whether you’d like it, if you never try it?

Once you dive in, there’ll be no stopping you.

Every day is a learning experience Cancer and that’s really a beautiful thing about life. Whether it’s a revelation from your past or new insight into someone’s character, you love discovering new things and tapping into the world around you. As a matter of fact, your dreams lend great insight to the inner happenings of your subconscious and your intuition is greatly heightened. People usually seek your advice anyway so today, open your mind and channel the positive energies flowing your way. Others are sure to benefit from your unbiased viewpoints.

First impressions last a lifetime but it’s likely that you see only what you choose to see. Like a lifeguard at the beach, the stars have planted red flags all around for you today and they’ve all got this one person’s name etched onto them.

If only you would look up Cancer!

This person shows up out of nowhere and hangs onto your every word, like morning dew clinging to a rose petal. You are smitten and are hearing wedding bells at the back of your mind. No, Cancer, those were warning gongs being banged on by the stars! This supposedly incredible guy/girl is actually looking for an easy meal ticket, and due to your generous nature, has targeted you as sucker number one!

The stars have spoken and it’s now up to you to heed their warnings.

How to get through your day

If you’re planning to quit smoking or drinking alcohol Cancer, now is the time. Self reflection is needed and that will provide a lot of answers to your questions. The stars say that anything you undertake today, from property development to finding new leads in job hunting will turn out just fine.

The presence of yellow flowers will enhance the benevolent tendencies of the planets and make today extra special for you.

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