Tuesday promises to take you to some amazing places Taurus! Your daily horoscope for Taurus is ready for your perusal as Astrologer Megan Wilson shares her insight on what the stars have in store.

What to expect

You are so excitable that it’s adorable to those who love you--and once you start talking about a certain topic, Taurus, it might be hard to stop, especially if the topic is you or one of your activities. You’ve just got so much passion that people can’t seem to turn away from you. A question about one aspect of your life may come up, and you could have a sudden desire to tell your whole life story.

This will trigger others to want to voice their opinions, so take a breath and give them a chance.

The beauty of life is that it is usually the most unexpected events that are the most beautiful--and today you are likely to hit the road for a trip with friends. This could be a journey out of town or a slightly longer ride. Either way, you are bound to have a wonderful time on this adventure and will get plenty of photos to remember this trip by. You can expect some pleasant surprises along the way including meeting some exceptionally good people as Moon moves into Taurus. Try and make this an interesting experience.

Wearing blue will be lucky for you today, Taurus.You'll feel the urge to challenge yourself so do some sport where you need solid nerves and mind or, do a quiz.

Those in a difficult relationship will have a decidedly positive day, and it will be a great evening for those who want to talk. The stars advise you not to believe too easily in some promises which seem impossible. Some people just want to paint a beautiful picture when all they have is a brush with no canvas.

During a moment like this, sharing resources, including mental ones will result in further progress than you initially thought even possible.

If you've been stumped about a personal issue for a while, why not try calling friends and pooling your thoughts or asking them for an opinion on something you're working on? Someone else's words could be just the fuel for the fire you need.

To get through your day

You're a natural-born detective, but some clues just aren't worth following.

You can’t help it if it’s in your nature to wonder. But when you do too much of it, it can easily turn into an obsession. Keeping that in mind, could it be time to stop worrying if a deeper meaning was behind that comment a loved one recently made? Remember some folks aren't bright enough to insert an actual meaning into everything they say. Stop trying to find things that aren’t there, Taurus.

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