Happy Saturday greetings to you, Taurus! Here’s to wishing you the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. Your daily horoscope for Taurus is ready for your perusal as Astrologer Megan Wilson shares her insight on what the stars have in store. Let’s see what today holds:

What to expect

Evaluate what you may be tussling over today, Taurus and consider the consequences of any action you may take. What happens in a tug-of-war if one of the equally matched opponents simply drops the rope? Well, it means that the struggle is over, for one, but will it be you?

Is this really that important, or are you engaged in this push-me-pull-you contest simply because you're caught up in the conflict and can't let it go? Let common sense be your guide even as your stubbornness comes in handy at times.

The stars can always count on you to get yourself in a tricky situation. Today you're prepared for romance and you're not alone! The lucky person who'll be spending at least part of the day with you can hardly wait. If you're not attached, that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy the day and flirt madly.

Kick up your heels and make an impression. Who was it that said, 'Love the one you're with?' If your sweetie isn't exactly next door, you can still be sweet to someone -- someone who may also be missing their own loved one.

Try to use tenderness to make your partner desire you then guide him or her to the path of pure pleasure. If your ascendant is in Libra, you'll enjoy playing with your lover, heating him or her up, causing anticipation and then...testing!

In life, there will always be the ones trying to pull you down, speak ill of you and lead you astray.

Today, the stars warn not to be influenced by people who don't know you. Steer clear of them. Opportunities often come disguised as obstacles are you’re likely to encounter them now. Someone or something may intimidate you and make you want to retreat, Taurus. But this person or situation is the very thing you need now in order to do what you have to do.

Have confidence that you're ready for the next step in your journey and make your move with conviction.

To get through your day, Taurus

Your spirits are riding high and the stars forecast you will stay that way for the rest of the weekend. With the moon present in Pisces, you have discovered a whole new you and your enthusiasm and energy at work are admired by your peers. Keep a level head, focus on your tasks and you will be able to meet your deadlines. Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones, maybe dinner plans or a movie date. Jade green is your lucky color for today.

We certainly thank you for dropping by and hope that you’ve enjoyed your daily horoscope for Taurus. Please share this reading with your friends on social media; Facebook or Twitter, and have an incredible Saturday!