Greetings Sagittarius! We hope you’re enjoying your week so far because we’re about to make it even better! Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has the inside scoop for you in Tuesday’s daily horoscope for Sagittarius.

What to expect

Your strong confidence will emanate today at work Sagittarius, and it will help you to overcome any kind of struggles that you may face. Do not hesitate to be kind and giving to anyone who may seek your help. You know what they say? A friend in need is a friend indeed. Life at home will be calm and peaceful and the moon in Leo brings positive things your way.

The color light blue will also be lucky for you today.

Get started early on your to do list and by sundown, feel a sense of accomplishment that you stuck to your convictions. There are lots of little things that you have been putting off for some time out of sheer laziness, but a renewed sense of purpose knocks you off the couch today. Set realistic deadlines and know exactly what you can manage alone and what you may need a friend’s help with. Slow and steady wins the race and you will, as long as you don’t get distracted. Sagittarius.

When it comes to the social scene Sagittarius, you’re the biggest, most colorful butterfly of all the social butterflies! Your natural charisma attracts people in droves and your energy and imagination always has the party going.

You genuinely love people so it’s no surprise that you’re often the leader of the pack. Fun is always a mainstay as long as you’re in your element.

For those who have been working non stop lately, you’re feeling like you’re ready to drop! It won’t be so bad to take a rest day, just as long as your projects could survive one day without you.

Tonight will not be your night to let loose, far less, get let out the house. Take it easy. In your intimate relationships, you do get a bit jealous and you’re tempted to flirt with someone in order to make your partner take notice of you. While that may work for some people Sagittarius, your partner is likely to lose their minds and tell you outfront that ‘two can play that game’!

How to get through your day

There’s a risk of your mouth landing you in hot waters today Sagittarius. You're usually a smooth talker but today, the words will get in the way and tangled up pretty well too. If you feel a response just waiting to be blurted out, count to five and shake your head. You may be doing a lot of that head bob today but it’s a far better idea than giving people a piece of your mind, at least, just for today.

Thank you so much for stopping by today to read your daily horoscope for Sagittarius. Be sure to share and come back tomorrow to see what insight Astrologer Megan Wilson has just for you! Have an enjoyable Tuesday!