Greetings Sagittarius! Enjoy life today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Astrologer Megan Wilson has the inside scoop for you in Sunday’s daily horoscope for Sagittarius. Pay attention to the signs and use this insight to guide you to a happier life.

What to expect

Your imagination is always fertile, but today it's especially productive Sagittarius. Lately, you’ve been having interesting dreams that have convinced you there’s so much more that you could be doing. Don’t waste your talents or your abundant energy because today’s holds the potential for you to come up with ideas for all kinds of new projects.

Make sure you write down some of your ideas so you can go back to them later. Other people will more than likely be inspired, and will want to work with you, or try to develop ideas of their own. Give them a chance because they’ve got a lot to contribute.

The only thing holding you back today isn’t your friend or traffic Sagittarius, it’s you. It’s so typical of you to get in your own way when there is a world of opportunity just waiting to be seized. Today, new prospects await, so find the courage within yourself to go after what you want and when you find it, wrap your arms around it and take it away forever. You, Sagittarius, are meant for greatness and the only reason you’re hesitating is fear of failure.

Well, you can't win if you don't play. So what will you choose?

Ignoring a problem today might be your immediate instinct, but it won't make it go away. Has communication reached a stalemate between you and a certain someone? That's not surprising. There is a deeper issue that neither of you wants to address and it’s just going to get worse as the day goes by.

Open up to your partner and encourage him/her to talk. You have suggestions and it’s just for them to give in. If your partner seems a little reluctant, try to heat things up a little and win them over. It really won’t be hard. Just try to solve the problem before the day is through otherwise you may be starting your week on a sour note.

Slow and steady wins the race Sagittarius. Today, you may be attempting something quite difficult but don’t hurry things or you may make unnecessary and reckless mistakes. Wear white to attract good luck.You need to fully understand your tasks and be deliberate and cautious in all your undertakings. The stars advise you to take time to reflect upon what you are doing and then go forward with a clear mind.

How to get through your day

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