Hello Pisces, it’s me, your friendly Astrologer Megan Wilson with lots to share with you today in your daily horoscope for Pisces! It’s a marvelous Tuesday so let’s see what’s going on with your life and how best you can navigate through your day:

What to expect

If you are of the first decade, finding the right person has never been as easy as it is in this period.Lucky you--better get a move on, Pisces! Go out as much as possible and start up friendships which could turn into something more. The stars are advising you to take a chance on romance and let passion blow you away just once--you won’t regret it!

Isn’t there someone out there that you really need to catch up with? Shouldn’t you be wreaking havoc on your long-distance phone bill once again? Sure there is. If it's a friend, call them now and if it’s a lover, call them immediately because you miss them. Who cares who makes the first move, as long as it's made?

Today you may feel a bit more mellow and need a little diversion. Avoid extreme sports and focus on hurdles, tennis or swimming. Tonight, you may be so tired that you choose to keep to yourself. So pull on those cute pajamas, cozy up and rent a movie - maybe a romantic one or a thriller. Enjoy your much deserved alone time.

Be patient and hold your tongue Pisces. You usually have a strong opinion about most things, but today you may need to keep your views to yourself.

The powers that be might have very different ideas about your place in the company or a project you've been working on, so stay still for a bit. You don't have to make any decisions or resolve anything right now -- in fact, the more comfortable you are with a mutable and flexible situation, the more likely that the outcome will be far more to your liking than if you force something to happen.

Good things come to those who wait, and you’re destined for some positive happenings in the near future.

How to get through your day

Just when you thought that things had settled down nicely, Pisces, life comes along to throw a spoke in your wheel. Today, there’s a great surge of unyielding emotional energy that only threatens to throw you off course.

The truth is that you’re prepared for whatever life brings so approach this just as you would everything else. Be on the lookout for such intense situations which will undoubtedly, add intensity to your journey. Instead of trying to come up with all the answers by yourself, pool your knowledge with that of other people who are happy to lend some advice.

It’s been a real blast keeping you up to date on the happenings of your life in your daily horoscope for Pisces. Please share your reading with your friends and family and come back tomorrow to see what the stars have in store for you.