Happy Sunday! Welcome to your daily horoscope for Libra, with Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson. She has consulted the stars so you can have some insight into what Sunday holds for you so, let’s have a look.

What to expect

You usually enjoy being adventurous, but after the week you’ve had, it may be in your best interests to settle into a nice, peaceful routine. Don’t be fooled, however, into thinking that things will be boring for the next few days. They can never be dull with you--you always have some fun scheme on the cards, and you know how to throw a party!

Do what you have to do to make sure your work life does not suffer, but be sure to save some time for your loved ones.

As far as golden opportunities are concerned, did you see the golden goose coming your way? Well, he did! Jump on opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere and see where luck takes you. You’ll never know what you are truly capable of unless you try something new. There's an adventurous spirit in the air urging you to take an unexpected gamble, Libra. Go brave, but don’t feel pressured to commit to anything now as there’s still time.

You risk irritating those around you with your stoic attitude and extreme seriousness today. It’s such a lovely day so lighten up. Tonight you’ll meet a kind soul who will be gentle and helpful.

Try listening to what he/she has to say instead of boring them to death by telling him or her your entire life story. Other people do have interesting lives too you know--if only you would listen for a change. You are starting to feel something for someone. Pay attention to what your gut is telling you and if it’s positive, go full steam ahead: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

It’s time to start focusing on what matters to you Libra. You may have a list of things you wanted to do around the house so get them out of the way. You’re great at organization, and your loved ones may even pitch in, so take advantage of their inclination to help. You’ll feel relieved by day’s end so wear sapphire blue to attract positive cosmic energy around you today.

How to get through your day

Your deep rooted impulses are telling you it’s time for a change. In your world, this could mean clearing out outfits that no longer fit (or make sense); giving a boring friend the boot or ridding yourself of bad habits that you know hold you back. You may feel like a rebel without a cause, but trust the stars when they say these feelings are coming from a trustworthy and deep seated place.

Thanks for reading today’s daily horoscope for Libra. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and we look forward to your returning tomorrow to see what else the stars have in store.