Happy Thursday, Capricorn. Friday called and said she’ll be here tomorrow, with wine! There’s a lot in your life to look forward to, so here in your daily horoscope for Capricorn. Get ready for your celestial insight:

What to expect

The Universe is only too happy to help out today by sending some invitations your way. You may be feeling restless and are unsure of what to do with yourself right now. Perhaps you need to expand your horizons by getting to know some new friends. Well, you're right on track and when that invitation arrives, you should jump right on it, get yourself dressed, and greet your new peer group.

Will it be that easy? Certainly!

Jealous people will always try to put you down or justify your success by chalking it up to luck. Poor things! You're getting so many congratulatory pats on the back that you might need to wear something padded to cushion yourself. In your case, "luck" was composed of equal parts talent, perseverance, hard work, and opportunity. So go ahead and smile pretty for the cameras as they record your success for all posterity. How sweet it really is!

No matter your status in life, you always strive to do better and if your rising sign is in the sign of Virgo, there’s more to accomplish. How? By employing impeccable behavior and brilliant tactics in your everyday dealings with others.

Tonight should be devoted to studying and this could be an IT manual or even reading the instructions of the washing machine. It's important to keep your brain ticking. You'll be able to give yourself some time out so plan a vacation nearby in some cultural city with a group of friends. The stars advise you to use a little tenderness with those who love you.

You’re eager to explore unknown avenues today and spending time with your family will make it even more enjoyable. Enjoy this blissful time while you can. And don’t fret too much about the logistics. Let spontaneity guide you! It may not be very often that you get an opportunity where all of you are together, after all. Let this be a time to cherish and focus on having fun together.

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

How to get through your day

Don’t mislead anyone, Capricorn. If you plan on arguing for a cause today, make sure you have solid facts to back up your statements. People aren't likely to fall for things too easily and it will take a great deal to change someone's mind about something important. It's a great day for you to take a walk through the woods. If you can’t manage that, try to bring some greenery into your living space.

Thank you so much for checking out today’s daily horoscope for Capricorn. Have an incredible Thursday.