Tuesday is a great day to get things done Cancer. The stars have spoken about what’s to come for your day, so let’s take a look at your daily horoscope for Cancer, compiled by the very mystical Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson:

What to expect

Worry, is it helping you at all Cancer? Instead of enjoying your day, the love of your family, your job and your fabulous self, you’re disturbed about your future. Is it because you actually have something, in particular, to worry about? No! You just can’t pull your head out of the sand to enjoy what you have right in front your face.

Behave right now Cancer before you lose what you really love. The stars are happy to bless in abundance but you know what they don’t like? You being ungrateful, so stop it right now.

What do you really want Cancer? Today you need to ask yourself that, as you continue to be a bit of a puppet for your friends and family. You’re eager to please and simply can’t say no. But, after a while of being pushed and pulled in all directions, and molded and shaped by different people, you’ll realize you’ve lost your identity. As much as you’d like to sit on the middle of the fence, you cannot please everyone and remember, if you can’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Be strong Cancer and stick to your convictions.

It’s alright to be yourself and to say ‘no’ sometimes.

You may have been coming on a bit strong to someone recently and while you see this as an indication of your heartfelt feelings, the other person views it as suffocation. Now, instead of their usual excitement to meet up with you, you’re finding them really hard to get through to.

The phone keeps ringing, the emails remain unanswered and when they do get in touch, they act a bit chilly towards you. Is this friendship worth ruining for a one sided emotion Cancer? I think you’ll find it’s not, so you know what to do. Put your heart back in its box for now, until you meet someone whose heart also wants to come out and play.

With regard to your current friend, just keep it platonic.

How to get through your day

The color of purity, devotion and peace is your lucky color today so wear white to enhance your opportunities and attract good people to you. It should all be positive on the professional front as you find yourself able to rush through tasks efficiently and happily too. Is it because they just became easier to do, or did you adjust your mindset to embracing life with gusto? Is it the latter? Well congrats Cancer! Keep up your positive energy!

It has been really great enlightening you today with your daily horoscope for Cancer.Thank you for giving us that chance and we really hope that you enjoyed it and will share it with your friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Have a wonderful Tuesday and we look forward to seeing you soon.