Greetings Leo and a wonderful Thursday to you! Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has sought insight on your behalf from the stars and is here now with your daily horoscope for Leo:

What to expect

Something out of the ordinary has gotten you riled up Leo. From the minute you woke up today, you sensed that something strong was coming your way. Over the past few days, you’ve tried your best to be civil with everyone around you, even those who were nagging you non-stop but today, something’s got to give. If you need to chant, go ahead. Light some sandalwood or jasmine incense to channel the planetary energies and look inwardly to find the answers you seek.

Today is all about reflection, discovery, and truth.

No matter what comes your way, Leo, you have a natural knack for solving problems. People see you as a charismatic mediator, a fighter for justice, an unprejudiced individual who could set them straight. Wow. With so many expectations, your shoulders could be feeling heavy with that kind of weight to bear. You should feel honored though Leo, that others think so highly of you. It’s a good position to be in. Tonight, you’ll feel like pulling off your Superman cape and just be your Leo self. Watch your favorite TV series while munching on a slice of pizza, or guzzle that pitcher of lemonade you made yesterday. It’s great to feel needed but even more pleasurable sometimes, to just be off the grid and away from everyone.

Home improvements have been whispering your name over the past few weeks and now, they’re yelling it. So nail down that roofing sheet, so the rain stops leaking through, and fix that garage door so it doesn’t stick again, making you late for work. If the paint in the foyer has been peeling, go splash on an extra coat, but in a brighter color this time, maybe with a patterned border.

You feel accomplished, later on, admiring the fruits of your labor. Remember, home is where the heart is and it should be your haven, Leo.

How to get through your day:

Some people may try to overstep their boundaries today Leo, by sneakily trying to get you to do their portion of work too. Let them know you’re having none of it.

When you’re nice, you’re very, very nice, but when you’re annoyed, you’re plain wicked! Tell all and sundry that they are capable of helping themselves, but you’ll be around in case they need a word of encouragement or advice. The nerve of some people Leo!

That’s it for Thursday’s daily horoscope for Leo. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson wishes you a fabulous day and looks forward to you using the insight you’ve gained here today for a happier, more focused life. See you on Friday dear friend and don’t forget to share you reading on social media.