Sunday is here, Leo with a reminder to choose your own life and never just settle for whatever is thrown your way. Life is too short to be unhappy, so why should you be? Astrologer Megan Wilson is here to offer her insight as to what the stars want to share with you. Let’s take a look at what your daily horoscope for Leo has to say.

What to expect

What's gotten into your friends and family? 'Impish' is one way to describe the current behavior of your nearest and dearest while 'annoying' is another. It seems like your loved ones are just being contrary simply for the sake of needling each other and you.

Whatever the reason, try and let it roll off your back — you don’t need any drama today. In order to avoid a full-on flame out with someone you care about, resolve to turn the other cheek and ignore their bizarre behavior.

This phase you're going through is only temporary Leo, so don't worry about losing your sanity. By tomorrow, you'll be back to normal, well, your version of normal which means that you’ll be shielding your eyes from all public displays of affection. Today your boundless energy should be devoted to sport: how about karate or kickboxing or even watching a match later today in the Stadium? If you can’t make it there, watching sporting activities at home is just as enjoyable, and even more so, with friends.

Moving into the unknown is not second nature to Leo’s especially those of the second decade. They feel the boredom and duties of couple life. but on reflection realize they are missing something in their lives. Unless you’re truly happy with yourself Leo, you won’t find happiness with anyone else.

You are in a temporary period of insecurity, but this will pass shortly and you will be feeling back to your normal self again.

Your anxiety levels have heightened with the moon’s moving into Aries so make sure you take some time to ground yourself in your Family And Friends. They know you well and love you deeply and can always find a way to soothe and make you smile. Quality time will greatly help make your relationship ties stronger and will be fruitful in the future.

Wearing anything purple will prove lucky for you today.

How to get through your day

A sense of justice blazes within you Leo and you’re never one to back down--especially in response to someone’s strong opinion. The stars advise you to attend to this power wisely. Try not to use it in an aggressive manner toward those you don't want to offend. Keep your energy pure Leo--you have the power to affect quite a number of people.

That’s it for today’s daily horoscope for Leo. Remember to share your reading on social media with family and friends.