Hello, Aquarians! It’s Tuesday! You were always a free-thinker, and other signs envy that about you. Today’s horoscope talks about being judgemental and having fun. Blasting Astrology is here to help you determine what the stars want to tell you today.

What to expect

Today, Aquarius, your excellent analytical skills may not be up to par over the next few days. You seem overwhelmed by your emotions. You have a hard time hiding your feelings and processing the information you received.

Instead of trying to understand people, you tend to interpret their actions and imagine things that aren't true.

Be careful of your judgment at the moment. It's way off base! Right now, your reputation is your top priority, so it's okay to give that area some attention.

Today, Aquarius, don't be surprised to come across a lot of busyness on the domestic front. There is a lot going on at home right now. Chances are, guests are coming over from overseas, and they will be bringing the party with them!

However, concerns about a certain family member may take up more of your time than you had initially imagined. Don't be afraid, Aquarius -- you may not be able to solve this problem, but your presence, love, and support are more helpful than you realize.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Aquarius, make a choice to put your work or school stress behind you and try to enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Be careful where you go and for the time being, avoid being seen in the wrong places with the wrong people. Push a little harder when it comes to making a great impression on others. Dress to impress wherever you go, Aquarius -- important people are watching.

This is an ideal day for traveling especially some place which is close to the sea or lake.

Wear something in green to attract good luck. Your life seems to be out of control, and there is no predictability. The good idea is to spend time at home with a good novel or do a puzzle to help balance things out.

Aquarius, try to renew your circle of acquaintances tonight. Some new faces will give you so much desire to live and dare.

Only then will you realize your charm is still intact.

Be sure that you can look forward to an active erotic life, Aquarius. Spend more time together with that special someone, and let yourself be swept off your feet!

That’s it for today’s daily horoscope for Aquarius. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check your horoscope for tomorrow. Thanks for reading!