Have you been wondering when the sun will break through? Have your shaky finances been plaguing your mind? In today’s daily FinanceScope for Virgo, we'll take a look at what the stars have to say about dealing with the challenges you are facing in your life right now. Read on to find out more about what you can expect and how to handle your financial future.

What to expect

After surviving a dust storm, you can finally begin to see clearly again. Maybe not the small details, but definitely the bigger financial picture. Now help others dust themselves off.

Today is positive financially as you can begin to finally pay down some old debts. Use this positive period to rid yourself of financial issues which have been playing on your mind, as the added stress of debt is not assisting you in the realm of your health. Keep a positive outlook on your earnings potential, because money may certainly come to you over and above your fixed income.

You should devote more time to the family, going for walks in the city center, going shopping and traveling. Today the stars recommend a little more laziness and this is really good advice. Those born in the first decade can expect an OK day. They will play their cards right and those who didn't think them capable of it will be proved wrong.

How to get through your day

You have made it through a recent difficulty with all your limbs in the right places. Be thankful. It may not have been pleasant but you have absorbed some new lessons from the experience. Knowing what you know now will help you avoid being put in that position again. To get through your day, Virgo, put aside old hurts.

Wallowing in the past will only stymie your progress. Keeping your wisdom to yourself is selfish, help those around you that are struggling. If there is someone floundering that you can assist, why would you resist that urge? Their success is not your loss and what you put out into the universe circles back to you tenfold. Use your recent gains to pay down on your accumulated debts, putting this off will only cause them to balloon to depressing heights.

Take care of it early, even if it means you must make sacrifices elsewhere.

The time is ripe to see relationships bloom. Foster the ones in your life by giving them the attention you have been neglecting because of the recent chaos. You have a rare opportunity to decompress and relax before things kick into high gear once again. Luxuriate in the chance to be lazy for once. Take advantage of it while you can. Your renewed vigor will come in handy soon enough.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Virgo. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more on your updated horoscope. Have a great day!