Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Libra! Read on to find out more about what you can expect and how to manage your fiscal future in today’s difficult market.

What to expect

Looking at the Long Term is no longer a choice. Things in today’s market are so tiresome and slow that few current investments are likely to pay out -- at least not the safe ones -- and the other types are more likely to end up leaving you bankrupt. There is little point in selling, you will barely generate anything from it, even the fees would be an additional waste -- you better just ride out the storm.

Risking much by throwing yourself off the ledge without the security of a safety net means you will be heading straight for the hard ground, so evaluate, be patient, and think about exactly what you want to accomplish before you take off. If you decide you are after the cash needed to change your style of living, reflect on just how dangerous it is to depend on the fickle financial market. Playing the funds can be worse than expecting to win the lottery.

Your career is about to be on the upswing, as new opportunities of a financial nature are ahead. You will soon be given a chance to showcase your talent. Be ready and don't waste the chance to show off what you are capable of when you finally get it.

Your skills and talents are such that they should not remain hidden. Do not undervalue them going forward, and make sure you are being given what you deserve for what you are able to accomplish. If the risk-taking mood strikes you today in terms of your work -- and to a lesser extent, your finances -- actions you take may pay off in a big way.

How to get through your day

The power coursing through your personality makes it difficult sometimes for you to hold back. But bravery does not equate to wisdom, and actions taken for the thrill of the risk may end up falling flat. It is time to play the long game. Strategy is what will see you through. It is indicated by the planets that business will prosper if a cautious approach is taken in planning your investments and payouts.

Short term gains have been severely stunted lately, so it is best to move away from avenues promising quick payouts. To get through your day, Libra, reign in your expectations. Risk-takers are not doing well but your volatility is not your only feature. Spend some time showcasing your other abilities. Flexing these alternative muscles can even lead to new money-making endeavors that are grounded in a less volatile landscape.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Libra. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check back tomorrow for more on your horoscope. Have a wonderful day!