Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini! Astrologer Megan Wilson collaborates with the stars to determine how you can make sense of your world. Read on to find the key to deciphering your difficulties as well as instructions on how to grasp your financial potential. Join her as she brings to you what the stars say you should do next.

What to expect

You are no stranger to being sniffed at and surrounded by curious cats. They are so determined to figure out that you are up to you may even be on the verge of giving in and telling them just to get them off your back.

Leave the busybodies to rustle around fruitlessly, they have no rights where you are concerned, even if they are dying to know all about your business matters. Let it remain just as much a secret as it has been always before. Keep up your calm exterior, whether you happen to be making a lot of money or else losing it, Gemini.

Today, you will be held to account. You may have to justify yourself to a friend who recklessly followed your advice. Luckily, the Stars remain on your side, and they will show themselves willing to help you sort things out. If you were born in the second decade, do not continue to insist on being better than anyone else, the attempt will not attain success, so do not continue to waste all your energy on trying to be the best investor in the neighborhood.

Recent arguments have taken a turn for the worse. Lawyers may soon have to get involved as things may take a legal dispute. Those who have a contentious family may find themselves in a dispute over rights to property today, so keep yourself alert and be on guard. Your intuition will tell you what to do for the best, allow it to lead you the right way, simply keep the big picture in your view with every small decision you make.

Things will thus remain in perspective. Matters under dispute shall work themselves out with time, and if it is offered, you should agree to try to resolve things amicably by coming to an agreed upon arrangement.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Gemini, you should clear the cobwebs from your mind and refocus your attention on what you are doing for your own progression.

Other people around you today will bombard your psyche, attempting to distract and destroy your concentration, protect yourself from this attack. Today you will have a breakthrough, something you have been waiting impatiently for has finally fallen into place, and you will be able to move forward on a project that has stalled. There is no need to fear that it will have to be abandoned anymore.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini. If you liked this reading, be sure to return soon for more updated information on your horoscope and please feel free to share with your friends. Have a wonderful day!