The Solar Eclipse on August 21st provided us with an excellent opportunity to recharge, realign, plan for the future, and set positive goals for ourselves over the next six months. Now, let's educate ourselves on how to utilize the next full moon to help us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and in relationships.

The full moon

For starters, we have to recognize that all stars, planets, moons, and satellites emit a frequency that affects us in different ways. The full moon is believed to affect the frequencies of our "mental body" or mind, which is why so many cultures have revered the full moon and used its presence as an opportunity to perform rituals and cleanses believed to positively affect a person's frequencies.

We are aware that full moon has a significant impact on our natural world, affecting the tides and the behavior of animals. It is important that we recognize the way that the world around us is behaving and reacting to natural occurrences in order to understand how we, as humans, are not above or separate from these interactions. Instead, understanding how we connect to these things makes us more aware of how to utilize the existing energy of the things around us to positively affect us and enhance our lives.

The meaning of Pisces

It's important to note that the full moon will be in Pisces. While most people have an understanding of Sun signs in astrology, few know anything else about natal charts and the significance of the Moon sign.

The calendar of the Zodiac follows the movement of the Sun through the different astrological signs, and while the Zodiac positioning of the Sun is an important influence on behavior, the Zodiac positioning of the moon gives us the opportunity to actively engage with frequencies and energies that allow us to alter our own energies, heal from past traumas, release negative energies, and program new frequencies into our lives.

So, let's get into the symbolism of the astrological sign Pisces.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by the planet Neptune. Pisces is regarded as the dreamer and healer of the Zodiac. Piscean energy opens us up to compassion, imagination, artistry, comfort, healing, and connection. This sign is also regarded as a highly intuitive sign that strengthens psychic ability and intuition.

Pisces is also thought to rule dreams, the subconscious, and the imagination.

The full moon in Pisces

This means that the Full Moon in Pisces is an opportune time for us to harness the frequencies of the full moon and of the Piscean energy present in that moon to heal and realign our spirits in very significant ways!

What to do for the ritual

This ritual can be performed from September 5th- September 8th at night.

What you'll need: A previously unmarked sheet of white paper, a pen, a candle or lighter, and a fire-safe container

You can consider: Having crystals with you. Any crystal is fine, but crystals known for channeling Piscean energy include Amethyst, Aquamarine, Clear Quartz, and Turquoise.

You may also want to burn herbs like sage, lemon balm, basil, or lilac while conducting the ritual.

Now, because the full moon is in Pisces, this is an opportune time to heal past traumas and release negative energies. For this ritual, write a list on your piece of paper of all the things, thoughts, behaviors, traumas, energies, frequencies, etc., you are intending to release. Think of all the negative emotions and situations that you want to remove from your life.

Examples of things to include in your list:

  • anxiety
  • envy
  • jealousy
  • anger
  • resentment
  • depression
  • mania

I release all energy ties with all people, frequencies, energies, and entities that are negatively affecting my spirit and interfering with my Highest Good.

I acknowledge and release the hold of any and all past traumas negatively affecting my spirit.

Make sure that you use definitive words when writing the list. No "I want" or "I wish."

After you've finished your list, write this clause: "I demand that all celestial beings, bodies, programs, implants, thought forms, frequencies, vibrations, and patterns that are enabling the energy I'm intending to release and anchoring any dense energy in my field leave my energy through all space, time, and dimension, on every layer of my existence and all energy that my being is comprised of. You have no place here." (from @MysticXLipstick on Twitter). Make sure you really put intention in this clause and feel your energy being put into these words.

Feel free to take a few moments to meditate on these words if you need to.

Next, it's time to burn your list. Visualize all the energy you want to release dissipating as you watch the list burn. Make sure you stay and watch the fire. If there are any bits of paper that don't burn, light them again and stay to see them burn to completion. This is to ensure that any negative energy that is attempting to stay anchored to you doesn't.

After your list is burned, imagine a healing light coming in to take the place of all the negative energy you've released, and ask that this light be aligned with your highest good.