Have you been wondering why things have been going wrong in your life? Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini! Astrologer Megan Wilson interprets what the stars have to say about your past and present, and how you should handle the issues you are currently facing. Read on to find out more.

What to expect

Hard not to say “I told you so” isn’t it? Remember to hold your tongue. No one likes a gloater and that’s exactly what you will turn into if you point out that you did give warning. It is no less annoying in a failed investment than it is in a doomed relationship.

Take your 20-20 hindsight and shove it in a dark closet.

Recently you have not had the best of luck and you are curious as to why. That is easily answered, the time was not yet right; now it is. Finally the moment to sow is upon you. Reaping the fruit of your labor will come later. Friends of the third decade will not be winners. But recall that negative moments too can be utilized to earn money. Go forth now and you will likely meet someone.

Developments are afoot for you if you have been waiting with impatient hope for that promotion or business deal to finally see some progress. Those in authority are pleased with your work and this will definitely lead to a promotion or raise coming your way.

Keep up your high standards today so you do not add any strikes to your record. Impressing your colleagues is the name of the game, so good luck!

How to get through your day

Gemini, to get through your day today, your best course of action is to remain conciliatory. You have the expertise, but there is a time and place to display it.

Yes, you may know the right way to do things, but offering your opinions may backfire if you somehow manage to make someone important feel stupid. Practice restraint. Rubbing their face in their past errors will only make you look like a bully, so use your wits today and be tactful, lest you make powerful enemies who try to put you at a disadvantage.

Socialize as much as possible in formal situations, you are being observed and you will want to show than your people skills are up to par. Today has the potential to make or break your status, so keep on your toes and make sure you are presenting a positive image. Opportunities are flowing your way, as your sign links to the planetary forces, you will be glad for your patience and preparation as you avail yourself of those you can.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini. We hope you’ve enjoyed this reading, please be sure to check back soon for more updates on your horoscope and be sure to share with your social network. Enjoy your day!