Welcome to Today’s daily FinanceScope for Capricorn! Astrologer Megan Wilson explains what the stars are saying about your past and present and how you should handle the things currently happening in your life. Read on to find out more.

What to expect

You can throw all of your energy at work and still not earn a penny. But even though you are not connecting with the big bucks, you're still making connections that will earn you cash in the future.

Today try and act like squirrels do! Put aside a collection of stocks and wait patiently. Your sense of responsibility will increase.

If the devil has pushed you towards the moving sands of covered warrants or some other roulette, look at your accounts and hide your money under the mattress.

You will recover lost or misplaced valuables today. Look under the bed or in the drawers. Your precious object is likely to be found where you least expect it. Be thorough, as in all things. Turn the house upside down if you need to as you are sure to locate it today if you search hard enough.

How to get through your day

Sometimes if feels like for all your efforts nothing seems to be progressing. Moving forward can be slow at times, to the point of being indiscernible. Don’t be discouraged. You have been taking on more and more responsibilities and seeing less and fewer returns.

Don’t worry, things will settle down soon, and you will begin to see the progress. Sometimes it comes in spurts rather than in a steady fashion. Know that what you do is not a waste. Sacrifices you make for duty are painful but necessary, and they will eventually be rewarded even though you pay the price for it now through your struggles.

Obligations to not go away, but you can adjust your attitude towards them.

Stop seeing them as tasks and see them as building blocks for a better future. These ties you make now will spread well out into the world and insure you have the connections you need when you tug at a string later on and expect a response. Make an effort to modulate your mood, and be sure to be kind and pleasant to others.

Your attitude impacts Those in your orbit, and you should always leave people better off for having contact with you.

This presentation to the world will allow for better relationships which will eventually pay off by the number of people willing to help you when you need a leg up. Work hard, conserve where you can, put aside what you must, and keep your composure. The universe will take care of the rest.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Capricorn. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates on your Daily horoscope and please take the time to share with your network. Have a wonderful day!