In today’s daily FinanceScope for Aquarius, Astrologer Megan Wilson deciphers what the stars have to say about the decisions you need to make for your financial security. Join her as she tackles what's ahead and how you can counter it. Read on to find out more.

What to expect

There is good news and bad news. The economy has slowed down and so should consumption. That's good for the waistline but not the bottom line, so dwell on the positive. Turn this into a herald for change and use it as motivation to start in on making over yourself in a better image.

Resign yourself to an odd day where you will make and lose money. Be careful - there is no point investing when Luck is turning its back on you. Dear friend of the third decade, try to be decisive and focus on your objectives. Remember, error after error eventually leads to victory.

Increased income helps you to pursue a better lifestyle. You have likely been having some financial success lately, then today you find you are ready to splurge on some items of luxury for you and your family. It is indicated that at this time you can afford these items and you should not suffer any buyer's remorse.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Aquarius, you should spend some time focusing on your physical health.

Lifestyle changes made today will lead to better health tomorrow. Have you adopted bad eating habits lately? You have always known that what you put in you affects what you give out. Doesn’t feeling tired all the time affect your thinking and decision making? A physically and emotionally stable you are much more likely to be mentally sharp and successful.

So start making the changes now. Take up a sport or join a gym close to you. Start taking a Daily walk to work out the kinks in your limbs and in your brain. Focusing only on work will never get you where you need to be. This tunnel vision will eventually lead to stress overtaking your life. Taking a break to work on your health, making long term changes in your diet, like including greens and fruit, are factors that will help jumpstart your drive.

It will not be easy with everyone else you know running around and indulging themselves. But if you develop discipline in this one area of your life it will bleed into other areas that perhaps matter to you more. Don’t be afraid to try. Being successful will not be instant, but ignore the pain, reward yourself occasionally, and you will see how much those small gains boost your mood and confidence in yourself. Do not worry too much about indulging yourself occasionally, hard work deserves a reward, and no one else is going to grant it to you if you don’t make that call!

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Aquarius. We hope you’ve enjoyed this reading, please be sure to check back soon for more updates on your horoscope and be sure to share with your social network. Have a great day!