Are you wondering if you should be taking more risks? Do you need to protect yourself from the people in your life? In today’s daily FinanceScope for Aquarius, Astrologer Megan Wilson interprets what the stars have to say about your finances and avoiding losses. Read on to find out more.

What to expect

You're getting the sneaking suspicion that not everyone is on board. Or is it the sinking suspicion? It may seem like everyone has a different agenda, but really there's only one agenda, multiplied: making an individual profit.

Recently you may have found yourself unwittingly involved in a dispute related to your business.

This issue may have even taken a legal turn. Today you are likely to see some positive developments on this front as it takes a leap forward to a resolution, though progress is not as quick as you would have liked. The movement comes as a great relief to you, so use today to finish this matter off.

If someone accuses you of cowardice, reply that it is because of this that you have avoided huge losses. The Stars suggest being daring but don't change who you really are. Those with an Ascendant in Taurus will feel very negative due to all the losses they have had to suffer. They are advised to stay calm and reflect.

How to get through your day

Someone close to you is going to cause you a lot of problems shortly.

It may seem to have come out of nowhere, but if you look back you will be able to see where it all started. It is too late to change much at this point. Leave them to dwell in their own darkness, not everybody can be happy. But be sure to take the lesson with you as you move on. Everyone may be out for themselves but this doesn’t mean you have to become entirely selfish too.

Do not let the negatives change your character. Things will turn around soon enough and you will regain your usual good cheer. You have a big heart, and allowing yourself to continue to display it will only bring more positivity into your life. You have played it safe so far, and this has turned out well for you. But a small measure of daring may be appropriate at times to move things along more quickly, use your intuition to choose when this would have the best effect.

Keep calm in the period ahead and your steady hand will lead you safely through the coming trials and out on the other side.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Aquarius. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, check back tomorrow for an updated reading of your horoscope. Thank you for visiting, and have a great day.