In today’s daily Chinese Horoscope for Tiger, we will look to the stars to determine how you should approach your future. Stay with us as we tell you more.

What to expect

Tiger, it’s time to step back, reflect and analyze your past and what your goals are for the foreseeable future. Have you been on the correct path? Have you strayed and then came back or have you strayed and never got back on the road?

The decisions you make not only affect you but others around you. So, if you focus on the tiny...tiny details then those details are sure to form the big, beautiful picture.


Breathe a sigh of relief. Generally, astrologers have foretold that today, Tiger, it will be a more peaceful day than others. You will be able to take some time for fun activities. What do you want to do today? Think about it and do it. This peace will not last that long, that you can lounge all week.

That situation or talk that you have been trying to avoid cannot be permanently avoided so please, Tiger face up to it. Look it in the eyes and just do it! You’re a Tiger. You are brave. If you think the situation needs a bit more finesse, then go into stealth mode...quiet, sure and focused.


In the world of work, you are amply positioned to undertake a monetary operation and guess what?

Now is the time to make those long-term investments. Take note of the stock market, check in on that bank account that savings are sent to every month. You may be pleasantly surprised at its growth. Maybe that money can be used to invest elsewhere.

Of course, not everyone is as professional as you. Those crazy colleagues are at it know the unprofessional ones who bring in illegal drinks at work and have a private party on their desk during work hours?

Just look away Tiger or you’ll sure to be embarrassed if you join them. Continue to sell your ideas and take from those whose ideas are equally good. You make a good team

Love & Relationships

In Love, you will be in perfect shape Tiger. You’re smooth, charming, to the point and your way with words can charm anything out of the one you want.

And when you want get it.

Your relationships show great promise and you have a knack for quietly and quickly causing arguments to fade with your sugar coated words and sensual looks. Just remember to share what’s in your heart.

How to get through your day

Tiger, to get through your day remember that in order to keep your life and relationships in tact, there must be trust. So, let people see the real you, even though that means putting your heart at risk. Keep those you love in the know about your plans as they may be able to guide you. Yes, you are strong but you all are stronger together. The astrologers advise you to approach unresolved issues with a calm state of mind.

That’s it for today’s daily Chinese Horoscope for Tiger. Hope you’ve enjoyed this reading and gained some valuable insight, and be sure to check out your horoscope for tomorrow.