In today’s daily chinese horoscope for Rooster, Astrologer Megan Wilson ponders deeply on the stars in order to bring to you words of wisdom. Read on for more.

What to expect

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that: “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves.”

General: The process of shaping our lives is something that continues until the day before we die. In this same regard Rooster, you should not blame anyone for your actions. You are your own person. Today you could be feeling restless or moody so instead of acting out negatively, call up some friends and go take a road trip, stop off at a cozy eating place and enjoy the day.

However, be mindful not to gossip as that may not work in your favor. Remember that everything you do has a consequence. Learn from your past mistakes because if you don’t you are liable to repeat them. If you feel emotional you may just let a tear fall but don’t overdo. Control it.

Career: Okay, so today the usual boring tasks and hand may be combined with something fun. That colleague who brought joy to the office may return from vacation today or your superiors may throw an appreciation party for the staff. Whatever it is, do make the most of it. It may not happen again anytime soon. Whatever happens, remember people can influence what happens around you but you are responsible for what happens within you.

Love and Relationships: Love and a sense of humor normally go hand in hand and while money can buy other things, it cannot buy those two things. So, the stars say to treasure the immaterial things. They are worth it. Laughter, particularly with your love can bring immense joy. Today, you will be the master of understanding.

Your special someone will not even need to speak it all to get through to you. That understanding energy will flow from you continuously. It will be something worthwhile for you as your honey will definitely want to show approval in a physical, sultry way...wink, wink!Because of this, there will be peace in your relationship today.


How to get through your day

In order to get through your day begin by accepting responsibility for your actions. Recognize that you are the driver of your own destiny. No co-worker, friend, loved one, or family controls your destiny.

Fill the moments of life with pure joy. Why waste it on emotionally ugly things? Continue to listen to your partner. Continue to spruce up your work area...add a pop of color and goofiness to your office space. Don’t wait on someone else to make you smile...just smile!

That’s it for today’s daily chinese horoscope for Rooster. Be sure to check us out again and share with your friends and family.