It is the fight that everyone has been buzzing about - a traditional boxing match with a lot of money and bragging rights on the line. The fight will be between one of the greatest boxers ever in Floyd Mayweather Jr. and reigning UFC champion Conor McGregor.

The match is just seven days away as the Irishman will be looking to knock out Floyd. His chances have improved because of the recent change from 10-ounce gloves to 8. The fighter has a big challenge in front of him, as Mayweather will be looking to add to his perfect career record and not let Conor tarnish it.

McGregor is the true underdog in the match, but he has a chance to win and prove people wrong. He has some advantages that play out in his favor. Here are the reasons why.

Age and size

An article by Dave Doyle via UPI gives valuable insight into the match. Age will play a factor in the match as Conor is significantly younger than Floyd. The 'notorious' McGregor is in his prime having just turned 28 last month. Meanwhile, Mayweather is a lot older at 40 years old. The age factor could give the reigning Ufc Champion more energy and quickness to beat the undefeated boxer.

The article specifically states that "Mayweather hasn't fought since Sept. 12, 2015, when he won a unanimous decision over Andre Berto, then retired with a 49-0 record." So, generally speaking, Floyd has not fought in a while, this could play a part in the fight along with age.

As it comes to size, Conor has more reach and he is taller than Floyd. This could come in handy when trying to hit him.


In my opinion, power goes in favor of McGregor as well. Looking at his previous matches and highlights, he has the ability to knock out opponents with a couple of good solid punches. However, McGregor will need to land some big punches to be able to even stand a chance in the ring against one of the greatest.

The article states Conor's utter power against many different opponents, "Jose Aldo, featherweight champion for six years, saw his reign end in 13 seconds when he walked straight into a McGregor left." Other opponents have had no answer for him as well. When McGregor hits you; you go down.

Despite the power McGregor brings, Mayweather is a pure magician in the ring at dodging attacks and getting out of tricky situations.

In my opinion, McGregor has to go out of the gate fast and hit Floyd hard to get in his head.

Confidence and belief

McGregor has been counted out a lot of times and he proved critics and other fans wrong plenty of times. Mayweather could be just the next one to fall. Conor McGregor has killer confidence and he lets everyone know it. He equally has a lot of passion and drive.

McGregor has an uncanny belief in himself and the faith to will things into existence. The article states that just "Five years ago, McGregor was on the public dole in Ireland, as the Dublin native was trying to make ends meet in one of Dublin's rougher parts of town." The rest is history.

The whole world will turn on their televisions to watch the fight that debuts on August 26th.

Mayweather should not underestimate McGregor because it has happened before and he has capitalized on the opportunity before.

I got the underdog being victorious in this fight. It will not be easy though by any means for him. Nothing is impossible as McGregor will be looking to rewrite history.