The anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor is set for August 26. It will be interesting to see, as the Fight could go either way. It could either be an entertaining match or one that ends shortly with McGregor knocking Floyd out or him hitting the deck.

McGregor will be facing a difficult challenge in fighting an undefeated boxer and defensive specialist in the ring. In addition, Conor has limited boxing experience himself.

The fight commission will allow McGregor and Mayweather to fight in 8-ounce gloves instead of 10.

The change could improve McGregor's odds and make him more comfortable in his first attempt in the boxing ring. The odds could shift in Conor's favor due to this latest change.

The recent change

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has overturned it's own rules regarding the glove size yesterday. The two opponents will now be using 8-ounce gloves in the fight instead of 10-ounce gloves. Accordingly, "all fighters over 147 pounds must wear 10-ounce gloves." The super fight will be at the 154 pound pound limit.

Both Floyd and Conor submitted their waivers to contest the glove size and it has been accepted. The committee will be granting an exception for this single fight. McGregor has been pushing for a smaller glove size for the fight in the promotions between the two earlier in the summer.

The two greatly insulted each other hilariously in the promotions leading up to the match.

Floyd Mayweather was also pushing for lighter gloves to help out his opponent. He even posted a picture on his Instagram account to describe it.

McGregor has gotten his wish, but will now have to back it up by knocking him out sooner with lighter gloves.

McGregor is one to talk a lot and he is very confident in his abilities. He even stated that "8-ounce gloves would be the end of Mayweather."

McGregor's advantages

Conor McGregor does have a chance in the ring. He has certain advantages over Floyd with respect to age, energy, and power. The recent change gives McGregor more of a chance in the ring against the undefeated boxer.

The Irishman is used to fighting in lighter gloves.

The lighter gloves will help out Conor because he will be able to put his punching power on full display. McGregor has been known for knocking out opponents in light gloves in the UFC. Although, the gloves he uses in those matches are the traditional 4-ounce gloves. The 8-ounce gloves certainly help because it is less padding that in turn makes punches more effective.

All eyes will be set on the match debut on August 26. Can McGregor win yet again and prove critics wrong? The underdog has certainly come from a lot of hardship and proven people and critics wrong before. Will the rule prove to be significant in the match? It just might give McGregor the edge that he needs.