The Charlottesville incident is important as it brought to light the fact that President Trump has either no knowledge of history or he genuinely believes that the far-right marching with swastikas has a place in America. The swastika is the symbol of Nazi Germany. For 12 years ever since Hitler came to power in 1933, it dominated the German thought. It represented an extreme right wing racist philosophy in which Jews, mental patients and the infirm had no place and now we know that, during this terrible period, nearly six million Jews were killed.

The men marching with Swastikas at Charlottesville brought into focus everything which is anathema to America, yet the president, instead of unequivocally condemning the right wing marchers, chose to sit on the fence and come out with bland statements. This has had its repercussions and many have left the various councils of trump, leaving him with one of the lowest approval ratings for a president, reported News Week.

Nazi party

The Nazi party stormed to power in 1933 on the back of a general election. However, it was the last election as they conspired to burn the Reichstag and pin the blame on the Jews and the communists. After the death of Hindenburg, Hitler assumed full power and became chancellor.

The Germans acquiesced thinking that prosperity was at hand but the man led Germany to a catastrophic defeat and millions of Germans were killed. He also spread hate as he denounced the Slav races, Jews, and others as sub-humans and started a systematic massacre.

The clashes at Charlottesville reminds one of those terrible days under the German regime of Hitler.

Surely the President knows that what Hitler stood for is the anti-thesis of the ideals of the American state. Many Americans are aghast that the President, instead of condemning hate and bigotry, has chosen to sit on the fence, sending a wrong message to the world which is anxiously watching what is happening in America.

Trump and future

The slave period in American history is a fact, but there is no reason to glorify it. Lincoln fought the war on this issue and, in modern America, there can be no place for extreme rightists like the KKK and others. America has moved ahead from the 18th and 19th century and a return is not possible. But such agitations have the propensity to divide America racially and that's not a good thing. Sadly, the President has not shown the leadership required to put the past behind and look ahead.