The Buffalo Bills are a rising NFL team, and they've gotten better as a cohesive unit in recent years. The team has improved, but they are not at a high enough level to reach the playoffs and compete. It doesn't help that they are also in a tough division, with the reigning New England Patriots at the top almost every year. While the New York Jets are not a threat, the Miami Dolphins certainly are.

The Buffalo Bills recently signed veteran wide-receiver Anquan Boldin to a one-year contract to improve their offense. I think that this was a great move by the organization and I believe that it increases their chances of getting over the hump and reaching the playoffs.

The signing

An article on by Mike Rodak reported the news that Boldin signed a one-year deal worth close to 3 million, with incentives of about another million and counting. The receiver will be entering his 15th year in the league and thanked the team he played for last year in the Lions.

Boldin will certainly be looking to shatter more records. The article states that he is "14th in NFL history in receiving yards with 13,779 yards, 9th in history for receptions with 1,076, and 23rd in receiving touchdowns.

The Bills know what kind of player they are getting in a veteran who has had seven 1,000 yard seasons. Anquan Boldin is also a good man who helps out the community and discusses issues with lawmakers on police brutality and race relations.

What it means

Anquan Boldin is only getting older, although he can still play in this league. He is a powerful and big wide-receiver who can catch or snag the ball from any direction and run over defenders with his physicality. The receiver had a decent season with the Detroit Lions last year and helped the team out tremendously in 3rd down situations and in being reliable catching touchdowns in the end zone.

The team made a great decision in signing running back LeSean McCoy, who had a great season last year and he is a powerful and shifty back.

The acquisition gives the Bills a higher chance of entering the playoffs and gives them a more complete offense. They also are getting a player with playoff experience who knows how to get it done.

The Bills do not have a lot of playmakers on offense besides Sammy Watkins and he did not play for a majority of last season. They needed another reliable receiver to catch touchdowns for them in the red zone.

QB situation

There has been speculation about starting QB Tyrod Taylor and if the Bills should be looking to replace him. I think that Taylor is pretty good and that the organization should keep him as the starter going forward.

He is not the sole problem with the team, but in the defense that could be improved and in getting more offensive weapons for him to use, which they have done to some degree. This year will be a crucial year for the quarterback to prove himself to the team or his time in Buffalo will be up.

The newly acquired receiver actually has experience playing with Tyrod Taylor. The article states, "Boldin has experience with Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, having played for the Baltimore Ravens in 2011 and 2012 when Taylor was a backup." So it is a reunion for the two players in fact. Time will tell whether Taylor stays in Buffalo or heads out.