Blake Bortles is the starter in Jacksonville, but we cannot know why. It appears as though the Jaguars are taking one last chance on Bortles before they cast him out as a bust. They could change back to Chad Henne at any time, but I do not know when that time will be. I believe it is much more likely that this team will find they have made a mistake while they search for a new quarterback of the future. Consider for a moment why you would give your fine young offense back to the quarterback who cannot manage it properly.

How long does he have?

Bortles has a very short time before he could be yanked for the last time.

The team would have to consider what they will do with Bortles when the season ends, and it is important for the team to get value for Bortles in a trade. The trade that would take place could give Bortles to a team that needs him more, and the Jags could use the picks they got back for a new quarterback in the upcoming draft. I can see the Jags starting over once again because Bortles is not Tom Coughlin's guy.

What is their potential?

I thought the Jags had real potential, and that is why I was confused by the choice of Bortles as their starter once again. Chad Henne looked good, and I believed that he could have had a second chance in the NFL as a starter. Are they stripping him of that chance, or are they waiting to give him the team completely?

I can see the team hoping that they will get it right when they put Bortles in, but I cannot guarantee that they will automatically sign their souls over to Henne. There is a chance that he will be the teacher for the new guy they draft, and that would be an indignity he may not accept.

The simpler choice is Henne

Who wants to sit around all season praying that Bortles will be turn out to be good.

Someone who is watching the Jags as a fan will likely be infuriated if things do not go well, and it cannot be easy to wait for the moment when the team must change course. The change of course for the team would lead them down a path that is difficult to understand because they have given up an entire season to someone they do not need anymore.

I would draft another QB

Now would be the time to trade Bortles, stock up on picks, and draft Sam Darnold. There are a number of people who could be drafted after the season ends, and I would like to see the Jags take a proper pick that includes a look at every available player. They do not necessarily need Sam Darnold, but they need to start over with someone else.