NFL quarterbacks have a lot on their shoulders when it comes to proving themselves in the game. When a team struggles and loses games, it is normally the quarterback that people blame. When a quarterback throws interceptions or takes a lot of sacks, people blame the quarterback and not the offensive line or receivers who might have run wrong routes. With that said, when a quarterback makes as many mistakes as someone like Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles, the hits keep coming.

That just happened when New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan talked about how great Drew Brees is.

Instead of just complimenting Brees, Jordan decided to take a shot at the Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback. Jordan said that facing Brees in practice makes them better because he is not like Blake Bortles, “giving picks away.”

Blake Bortles’ struggles

The Jacksonville Jaguars chose Blake Bortles with the third overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. The former UCF quarterback was supposed to help turn the Jaguars around but Jacksonville has continued to lose ever since plugging him in at quarterback. In his rookie season, Bortles threw 11 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. In 2015, Bortles looked to turn things around with an impressive 35 touchdown passes but also tossed 18 picks. Last season, Bortles threw 16 more interceptions while also throwing 23 touchdowns.

Blake Bortles has played in 46 games in his NFL career and has a career 79.6 quarterback rating. In his three seasons as the starting quarterback, the Jacksonville Jaguars have finished with records of 3-13, 5-11, and 3-13.

Drew Brees’ hasn’t been that much better

On the other hand, the New Orleans Saints have finished all three of those seasons with 7-9 records and missed the playoffs every year as well.

In those three seasons, Drew Brees threw a combined 102 touchdown passes and 33 interceptions. Yes, Brees has a much better quarterback rating since he throws for a ton of yards and a lot of touchdowns. His worst quarterback rating in those three seasons was 97.0, which is better than Blake Bortles’ best year of 88.2.

Despite that, Blake Bortles threw 51 interceptions in those three seasons and Drew Brees threw 33 interceptions, so it isn’t like Brees was as accurate as someone like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or even Dak Prescott.

That makes it seem a little out of line for Cameron Jordan to insult the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback just to pump up Brees. Sadly, the Jaguars and Saints don’t play this year, so there is no chance for Bortles to make the Saints defensive end pay.