Floyd Mayweather is the favorite in the fight against Conor McGregor, but there are a number of tickets on McGregor hoping that he has a puncher's chance. There is a $1 million Bet out there on Mayweather that has shifted the odds, but it is not a bet that will net any real cash. If you had $1 million to bet, you would not bet it for such a paltry return.

What does this bet net?

The bet of $1 million will net the winner $182,000 when Mayweather wins the fight. I say that Mayweather will win the fight because I doubt that McGregor will be able to punch him.

We are all betting on a puncher's chance, and we are betting on the fact that McGregor is strong. The issue is that Floyd cannot be punched because he is the best defensive boxer of all-time. Knowing all of this, I do not know that I would lay out that much cash for so little return because it just seems like such a small return.

Defensive boxing is an art

Floyd Mayweather is the best defensive boxer of all-time in my opinion. I cannot show you statistics to prove that, but I can show you fights that are boring, long, and allow Floyd to carry someone throughout the fight. Someone who has watched a lot of boxing knows that Floyd can dance around the ring, and there is no way that he can be caught in the corner by Conor at any time.

Conor could hit him very hard, but he will not hit him because Floyd is more skilled than that.

The fight will be boring

Mayweather will drag McGregor through this fight to make it more interesting, and there are many people who believe that McGregor will have more chances to win. The reality is that he will not even touch Floyd, and he will be very tired at the end of the fight.

Floyd can make the fight look competitive, and he will likely get a rematch out of it. They will make just as much money the second time around, and this man who bet $1 million will bet it again to make not even 20% profit.

It will be a spectacle

This fight is a spectacle that many people will buy because they want to see the spectacle, and they want to know that they are getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

They will see two very good fighters mismatched because of the discipline, and they will watch a fine boxer show someone with no boxing experience what it is like to completely fail in a fight. I feel bad for Conor McGregor, but I do not feel too bad because he stands to make over $100 million when he loses this fight. It will be a big payday, and it could lead to more notoriety.