The International Data Corporation (IDC) pointed that 80% of people said they would never use a service (application or website) after receiving a computer attack. However, is it true? Let's review some of the most famous hacking cases. Alternatively, at least the most prominent internet companies affected by hacking and many people are still sure to use them every day.

Yahoo, an unprecedented case

yahoo has been one of the most famous companies on the Internet. Also, it has been one of the most economically valuable web technologies. Not surprisingly, Yahoo could have taken second place in the list of most expensive acquisitions.

Behind Mannesmann, who sold 50.5% of their shares to Vodafone for $203 billion. Moreover, it is because of that in only nine years from 2008 to 2017; Yahoo went from worth $45 billion to $4.8 billion, for which amount Verizon bought it.

One of biggest attacks on Yahoo

However, what we are talking about here is not the financial disaster of Yahoo, but the disaster regarding security. Moreover, just as the finance team did not tighten the nuts to the rest of the company's components, neither is it supposed to safeguard the data of its users.

Specifically, Yahoo suffered an attack in which up to 1 billion accounts were hacked. Not only the accounts but also the passwords and bank details. Moreover, worst of all is not the attack itself, but they saw it three years later.

There is still more, in 2014 Yahoo also suffered a hack of 500 million accounts. In 2013 another of similar magnitude.

What happened to the users?

However, there was a tiny bump in the 2013 hack. Many people stopped using their Yahoo e-mail, in upcoming years there was also a drop in the level of active monthly users. By the end of the year, when Yahoo was sold, it had about 1 billion users.

ICloud, Gmail and Dropbox are other examples

ICloud also suffered a presumed attack recently. Specifically a few months ago, in March of this year, in which 300 million accounts were exposed. Although Apple later denied the fact by stating there was never a peak where a decline in application usage was seen.

Gmail is another example that shows that the user does not care about their privacy.

Moreover, the worst of it is that in this attack Google's domain was used to perform phishing.

Finally, Dropbox, one of the most used online storage services. In 2012 it suffered an attack of 69 million accounts. Moreover, there it is, surpassing day by day its number of active users (at the moment it has more than 500 million).