Donald Trump is already (even before his inauguration) demonstrating he is a danger to world peace because of his personality. He is not a creature of rational contemplative thought, but one of emotion, with his by now famous thin-skin which causes him to get angry and overreact. Or paradoxically, he sometimes under-reacts by dismissing something of importance as trivial -- to insult it.

Spock would have made a good president

It’s sort of like the 1960's TV show "Star Trek." Remember the old "Star Trek" TV show? Spock (Leonard Nimoy) was the rational, clear-thinking, carefully and dispassionately deliberating character who always weighed each option for Captain Kirk during a crisis -- without emotion.

Spock’s emotionless, seeming cold manner infuriated his opposite, Bones, the Doctor (played by DeForest Kelly), who used to get angry and say, “I’m a doctor Jim!” Bones was a little like Trump, at times a creature of emotion and reaction (usually anger). Spock would have made a much better president than the rash and emotional Bones. Captain Kirk learned to listen to Spock for advice and not Bones.

Here are ways Trump will become a danger to world peace, with a good chance of resulting in a major war. Trump is brash. He likes to tell people off and make statements that have no proof.

Trump never ponders much

He gets angry and resorts to insults. This he got away with during the general election, but in the arena of world diplomacy, it’s a recipe for disaster.

For example, Trump tweeted after the North Koreans announced an upcoming big missile test, according to the New York Times, “It’s not going to happen.”

Experts are divided on North Korea’s exact nuclear status. The consensus seems to be the rogue nation has a crude form of atomic bomb but has yet to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering it.

What evidence does Trump have for making a statement that a missile test by North Korea is not going to happen when other such tests have already taken place?

Common sense would dictate that Trump face a storm of criticism for making a statement incredibly stupid. It was a statement that totally discounts the actions of North Korea; a nation over which Trump has no control.

There has been no criticism of Trump for this remark.

Trump is contemptuous of issues that are real, our next world-endangering character flaw. Trump dismisses and mocks issues of importance. By belittling something, subconsciously perhaps he feels like he can gain mastery over it. This is a psychological quirk. In other words, you do a put-down of something you don’t like by dismissing it in a cavalier fashion.

North Korea is a powder keg waiting for a match

In the case of North Korea this is extremely dangerous. If Trump insults North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, remember, North Korea is a paranoid country where un-reality is reality. Losing face is everything to the North Koreans. Inflammatory rhetoric from a President Trump unconcerned about it can only bring us closer to the edge of war on the Korean Peninsula where two huge armies armed to the teeth face each other, and where only a miscalculation is needed to light the figurative fuse. At the very least it will re-double North Korean efforts to install and expand weapons systems.