One of the most basic needs of a human being is the need to belong. The need to know somewhere out there, someone knows who you are as a person and will accept you no matter what. According to the Science of Relationships, the need to belong is one of the major parts of being human. However, this need can sometimes lead to doing things that we do not want just for the sake of being cool or to belong. Dear reader, I urge you to take the time to ponder on the points stated below.

Is it worth it?

When people push you to do something you don't want just so they can accept you, ask yourself this question first: "Is it worth it?".

Sure, they might be cool, or for once in your life, you might feel like you belong but is it really what you want? Will the end justify the means? And after you do so, will you feel like you belong at the expense of losing yourself?

Know who you are

As essential as it is to belong, there is a greater need to know who you are first. Know your likes and dislikes. Know your limits and know what makes you Happy. Know your goals and mission in life. A deeper sense of knowing yourself will enable you to find the ones you know you can call your people. Just stating, when you know who you are, you can quickly identify the things you want to avoid.

Respect yourself

The need to belong is sometimes so great that some people throw their self-worth just to get a minute of attention.

And yes, sometimes it's tempting to have the glory of being called cool even though you know it's not right or it's not who you are. But let me tell you something, at the end of the day, it won't matter if everyone else accepts you if every time you look in the mirror, you can't accept the person looking back at you. Other people's applause and validation will matter less if you are not proud of the person you have become.

So take a deep breath and think about your worth before you plunge into something that will taint you forever.

Are you happy?

After all the things you've done to belong, can you honestly tell yourself you are happy? I'm not talking about the shallow type of happiness based on the occasional laughs you give when you are wasted.

I'm talking about the happiness that overcomes you and your heart can't help but swell with it. The type of happiness that reflects in your eyes whether you're Simply alone, peacefully looking at the sky or whether you're with your friends laughing your heart out. If you can look at yourself, see yourself and face the person looking back at you and can honestly say you're happy and proud of who you are, then you are exactly where you are meant to be. And I can tell you, the people who cannot accept the real you doesn't deserve to have a place in your life anyway.