Smart Watches are definitely getting smarter and smarter. It has evolved from merely tracking distance and calories burned to doing so much more. It has become everyone’s best health and fitness ally.

Many users are enthusiastic sharing their experiences for using a Smart Watch. Also, many swear that it has helped them reach their target weight loss for having easy access to caloric intake and level of physical activities achieved.

The market for smart watches or wearables is getting crowded and saturated. For the longest time, Apple Watch has reigned supreme in this segment.

With FitBit Blaze still in the market, many buyers consider it over other brands. Why is this so?

Blaze Features

For one, it looks classier than other FitBits for having a stainless steel frame and a removable strap. This is particularly an attractive feature for the fashion conscious.

However, a good percentage of its users don’t really care much about fashion. They are more focused on what it can do for them. The Blaze is like the Charge HR with an OLED screen and smarter notifications. It can track steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, active and resting time, and much more.

The FitBit Blaze has an exceptional battery life! This is definitely a plus factor especially for those who are always on the go and charging their smart watch is too much of a hassle.

The FitBit Blaze can go up to four days in between charges!

Even better, FitBit is set to launch a smartwatch codenamed Higgs.” It is expected to have features similar to that of Apple Watch 2. This may be the highly anticipated FitBit Blaze 2. Codename Higgs is rumored to come with built-in GPS chip which may play and store music from Pandora.

Still worth it?

Yes, it is still. Many competitors may have emerged but the Blaze is still a good option. It is an ideal choice, especially for the practical buyers. Standard features are delivered for the fraction of Apple Watch’s cost. It is expected to have a more reduced price as newer FitBit versions officially get introduced soon.

Apple Watch has dominated the smart watch market for so long. It is considered the best option even with so many competitors. However, FitBit Blaze maintains its position as a worthy opponent.

It may not have taken the top spot away from Apple Watch, but it remains as one of the top choices. FitBit Blaze is relatively doing well in the market. It is expected to do even better upon official release of FitBit Blaze 2.