Ever since North Korea tested their nuclear missile on July 4th, there has been alarm. Not only the country defied predictions that they won't ever develop an ICBM, they developed an ICBM that can reach Alaska. As a result, some people have wondered if it's going to be the last straw. While the Trump administration has signaled mixed messages, they are still going to inflict some sanctions.

Sanctions do not work at all. Their economy is growing at a rapid rate in spite of them. Furthermore, china continues to bypass the sanctions from the United States and isn't punished for it.

The United States would have done secondary sanctions to punish Chinese companies. But, if had done so, then China would feel "betrayed." They would cut their trade relations with the United States. By doing so, they would crash the American economy. Therefore, for the United Stations, sanctions coming from the United Nations are easier-but less effective. For China, it is the best option.

The caution of China

China may spend more on the military, but it is very cautious when it comes to war. Whenever the United States ramps up talks of retaliation, China is the one to suggest "de-escalation." China is suggesting it not because for the good of the world, but for good of their own interest. Even if they detest #North Korea, they still benefit from its existence.

Even though the economic styles of China and North Korea couldn't be more different, China still needs North Korea to be its buffer state. Therefore, China sends in goods in order to maintain the Kim regime. They know that the alternative would be much worse. If North Korea collapses, they would have to deal with millions of refugees.

Furthermore, if North Korea reunified with South Korea under the guise of American influence, then China would be faced with an increasing American presence.

China benefits from the #Status Quo. It doesn't care less if millions are suffering under the Kim regime because they know if war begins, there would be even more millions suffering.

A second #Korean War would cause destruction. China doesn't benefit from destruction-it benefits from stability. Stability includes keeping a brutal dictatorship alive and for China, that is fine by them.

Forever bound to China

We don't know what will happen to North Korea. But, with China, it is more likely that it will be the status quo. North Korea will continue to engage in nuclear tests, but China will continue giving them goods to ensure them survival. It is the least attractive option, but for China, it works. For the United States, it doesn't now that North Korea has a missile that can reach them. The United States is wondering if sanctions is even the right move. But, nevertheless, they still stick with them because they are chained with their relationship to China. With many products made in China, the United States cannot sabotage their trade relations with a retaliation.