Trump is unappealing to his enemies and maybe to some few who are not for or against him. His base and the bulk of GOP voters like him OK. There is no credible Democratic threat.

Bernie Sanders will be pushing 80 if he tries to make 2020 his revenge for the indignities of 2016. We are stuck with a president not merely oblivious to Ethics but actively opposed to even bringing ethics into consideration. This to me is a definition of evil.

Let me explain

A person without ethics is a virtual impossibility. If you have a conscience and if you ever engage in a moment of honest reflection you know that good is not doing harm, and that evil is doing harm.

That is a reasonable and universal suggestion of a basis for at least a tiny bit of ethical awareness.

Ethics is universal

In a normal person, values are built in at some level. If you are the murdering kid in Pennsylvania who has spoken publicly since the age of 14 about killing people, you might suspect that he had little sense of ethics. You might also wonder why anyone hearing these threats would not ensure that this person was in a place where he could do no harm. Or did you forget that we have truncated mental health for decades under the rule of both political parties?

Dismal record

Now Donald Trump has had a hand in some deaths. Every president does. But he is a little more protected than that Pennsylvania kid.

He can say he will shoot someone and get votes in return. He can suggest assassinating his election opponent, and whether all opposition and depend on evangelicals throughout the country to deny their Lord and give this amoral boy-president a heads up vote.

Trump institutionalizes amorality

Here, by the way, is the documentary evidence that this man has not changed while in office.

If you read it with care, you will experience a chill. The refusal of ethics is now baked into the highest reaches of governance in the country that used to claim, with some hubris, that it was ethically great. It wasn't, and the only hope is that Trump can help us see how blind we have been.

Baking in amorality

We may be a laughingstock, but we are also a country that has lost its universal compass.

A global person sees reality as all there is, not just as his or her little world. A global person gives more or less consideration to ethics as a set of principles tending toward good or evil.

Finally, such a person allows an aesthetic sense to emerge, a sense that makes words like truth, beauty, and justice at least present in mind. These three words are the goal of existence, but not for Donald Trump.