G20 represents a new challenge for American President Donald Trump. After the 4th July, the President of the United States will hit the road. His first destination will be Poland and then Germany, where he is going to meet the world's most powerful leaders such as Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Xi Jinping, and many NATO officials.

Russian roulette: Meeting with Putin

There is no doubt that the meeting with the Russian President will occur in the moment when the relations between the two super forces are pretty. Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether Trump's election team was cooperating with Russians in order to manipulate the Presidential campaign in the United States, while Congress is about to impose a new set of sanctions against Russia.

On the other hand, National Security Adviser McMaster said that President Trump would love to see more constructive cooperation between Russia and the U.S. However, the question remains whether Trump should attack Putin because of the alleged hacker attacks during the elections in the U.S.

Germany-United States relations

Some experts think that Donald Trump and Angela Merkel will have a tough meeting. This is primarily because of Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of Paris climate agreement. On the other hand, Merkel and Trump have some points they should agree on. The White House is against the sanctions on Russia that the U.S. Senate imposed, and Germany is against those measures as well because the sanctions are not in the best interest of the country.

Accusations and hugs

Despite occasional pleasant statements, the relations between China and the United States are pretty unstable. When Trump first met Chinese President Xi Jinping, he bragged about successful negotiations that will result in Chinese help with the North Korea situation. After those negotiations, he even took back what he said about Chinese currency manipulation during the campaign.

However, China hasn't done anything about Pyongyang. As a result, Trump administration sold the weapons to Taiwan and imposed sanctions on Chinese companies because of their cooperation with North Korea. Given all that had been said, this new meeting between two leaders will be quite a test for the American President,

Forgotten NATO leaders

On his first trip, Trump disturbed NATO allies.

He gave them a public lesson during his speech in Brussels when he categorically refused to support article 5 thus not respecting the collective defense principle. This time, according to McMaster, Trump expects all NATO members to share the responsibilities and to defend the Alliance.