The Mexican border wall is a pet project of President Donald Trump and it was oneof his presidential campaign promises. Its purpose is to halt the illegal entry of immigrants into the United States and he wanted Mexico to pay for it. Current estimates put the construction of the wall at a cost of several billion dollars.

The president discussed various aspects of this border wall with members of the media who were accompanying him aboard Air Force One. He explained the conceptual designs for the wall which would have provisions for observing the other side of it.

That will ensure protection against those who deal in drugs because if the product is tossed over the border, it could injure people on the other side.

Characteristics of the wall

Daily Mail UK reports that President Donald Trump is clear in his mind about what he wants, elaborating on his vision. His first requirement is the transparency factor. The guards on the American side should be in a position to know what is happening on the Mexican side. One option is to make it out of steel with openings that will allow to get a view of the far side of the wall. If drugs are thrown over the wall, it could result in physical harm to unsuspecting people.

As to the size of the border wall, he feels that it should be in the range of 700 to 900 miles.

He added that there is no need to have a 2,000 miles long wall because there are natural barriers in the form of mountains like the Rio Grande and rivers like the Colorado River.

The progress of work

In the opinion of President Donald Trump, nearly 650 miles of fence and barriers are already existing at the border and he does not see any reason to dismantle them but they need repairs.

He is upbeat about the idea of mounting solar panels on the Mexico Border Wall because that will help to produce electricity which would be a positive measure. He dropped hints that there are some companies who have shown interest in this aspect and the concept could become a reality. He is also worried about the possibilities of drugs being thrown over the wall.

Incidentally, reports in the media indicate that due to strict checks introduced at the border, there has been a reduction in the number of illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States. Moreover, such a wall is likely to disturb the ecological balance in the region and could be a hindrance for free movement of wild animals. It is also not known whether Mexico has agreed to fund the wall. Therefore, President Trump could carry out a review and examine the necessity of having such a wall.