The U.S. government has issued new immigration guidelines. Of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, all are potentially expelled, except the "Dreamers", those who have arrived as children. The illegal immigrants who enjoyed the indulgence of the American authorities under the Obama administration were warned, almost no one is now immune.

The Donald Trump campaign promises and a decree of 25 January, the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday, 21 February, authorized immigration and customs officers to call on most of the people in an irregular situation, They would encounter in the performance of their duties.

The news has heightened the fears of irregular migrants. Recent cases of arrests in the streets have caused confusion among those who had previously escaped being deported. Close to Washington, ICE immigration officials have arrested illegal immigrants in a supermarket car park, or near a church-run refugee. On Tuesday, a Mexican committed suicide just minutes after being expelled from the United States, throwing himself from a bridge in Tijuana, near the border.

An exception for the 'Dreamers'

However, immigration officials will make an exception for undocumented migrants who have arrived in the country, known as "Dreamers". The people had received work permits through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created in 2012 in Barack Obama's administration.

To date, about 752,000 people benefit.

The fate of these "Dreamers" has been dividing Republicans for years, between those who recognize the legitimacy of demands for regularization and the hard-line Conservatives who are worried about a potential appeal. Donald Trump himself expressed his compassion for these young people, who today can work legally without fear of being expelled.

The people with work permits through the DACA program can buy homes, cars and can start new businesses which result in an increase in the income tax and also indirectly benefits all Americans, cities, and states.