Trump tweeted that transgender individuals are now banned from the military, undoing an Obama-era success run for the LGBTQ community. Texas is forcing transgender individuals to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender specified on the individual's birth certificate. Hatred and bullying continue in many forms, including hate crimes and the intentional murder of transgender individuals. In a time where politics is taking steps backward after a lot of progress was made, it is more important than ever to show Support to the LGBTQ+ community.

Be educated about what members of the LGBTQ+ community deal with.

Many times, discrimination towards the LGBTQ+ community comes from a lack of understanding of what they deal with and go through on a daily basis. "I Am Jazz" is a great show on TLC that documents the day-to-day life of a transgender teenager. Following people who identify as LGBTQ+ allows others to gain an insight into their lives and the struggles they may face. For example, an openly gay meteorologist out of Philadelphia posted an article on Facebook about the Red Cross' need for blood, but he expressed that he was disappointed that he cannot give because he is a gay male. Seeing posts like this shows the stereotypes that face the community regularly.

If you are in school, attend GSA meetings.

Even if you do not identify as LGBTQ+, GSA, or Gay Straight Alliance, meetings are often open to people who are interested in being allies. The topics of the meetings range from daily struggles to events the organization wants to be involved in. Attend events and meetings regularly to show your support and to learn how you can be more involved with helping the community.

Just being there as someone who supports the community without being identified as LGBTQ+ will allow those who are, to see that they are loved and cared for. These meetings and events will help you meet a wide range of people within the community, which can help you learn more about the wide range of experiences and break any stereotypes you hold.

Stand up against bullying.

The LGBTQ+ is subject to all kinds of bullying, whether it is in person or online. Despite the progress that has been made in recent years, there is still so much discrimination and hatred surrounding the community. If you see someone in the LGBTQ+ being bullied in public, confront the bully calmly and respectfully. If you feel like it is unsafe for you to get involved, get a manager (if it is in a store), security, or the police involved. If you see an instance of cyberbullying, report the user so that the site can deal with the situation. Members of the LGBTQ+ community have a right to live their lives without having to worry about being bullied, and intervening in even a small way can mean so much and can set an example for others to follow.